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No Safety in a City that Never Sleeps? SMH

After having a wonderful start to my work day I opened my “UberTwitter” app on my blackberry to catch up on tweets. Scrolling down and skimming through I noticed a ReTweet from the @theballetbag saying that the sensational yet very petite ballerina Natalie Osipova was mugged here in NY, leaving the Metropolitan Opera House. ( http://ow.ly/1YP7s ) I immediately questioned who it might have been! Having gone to school in the area, I thought back to all of the muggings that happened then. There were many done by Students from Rival High School(s) in the area (No names given *cough*) and others committed by people living in not so nice neighbourhood(s) in that area (no pun intended).

Anyway my point is: Something has not to give! How can this be a city that never sleeps, and there be so much crime going on, ruining the beauty that resides here. In an area like Lincoln Center, security should be so much tighter! There should be more security agents looking out, for Patrons, Performers, and others workers. It’s sad that one of THE most beauty parts of this great city can be infested with scum that’ll attack a tiny ballerina. Thank God she’s okay, and that she didn’t lose anything too valuable, but COME ON! Enough is enough!

Maybe from now on, dancers should never leave the Theatre or let a ballerina leave the Theatre alone. I try to make it my business to make sure that no ballerina is leaving alone, especially when we are away from home.


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