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Inspiration in MOTION

Life is a constant quest and journey toward perfection. Everyday we set goals for ourselves and gear our days toward fulfillment. Many times we fail to reach those goals and get frustrated. Life, on a bigger scale, can sometimes just be a lot to deal with. We have aspirations and dreams that take over our lives, and when it seems we are constantly reaching with no results, we at times lose the zeal and inspiration to press forward. But, then something happens and it all clicks. That click has happened for me again.

Last summer I danced with a group of extremely talented dancers, who hailed from all over the country. Some from established ballet companies, some freelancers, and some from popular Broadway shows in New York. This congregation of talent was developed by choreographer Nick Kepley. Who, later named the group Motion Dance Theatre (Motiondt). Nick staged some of his older works, and choreographed a new ballet on us. With a background influence in neoclassical ballet merged with an innate contemporary sensibility, all usually executed at lighting speed, his works speak to my style of dancing.

This summer we are stationed in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. We are here for a little over 3 weeks, and after just 1 week the creativity that is flowing is already mind blowing.

I just finished my first season with the Los Angeles Ballet, and I found that I lOVE dancing the Balanchine rep, I love the classical repertoire, but what I also realized was that I was my happiest when work was being choreographed on me. Most dancers, if not all, dream to have work tailor made for them. Working with choreographers on something specifically for us to perform, allows us to put our strengths up front and still work to improve other areas.

Motiondt is such a great place for professional dancers to keep themselves actively working. In an environment immersed in professionalism and love for the art form, beauty is being generated each day. This year we will be presenting a world premiers by Nick, as well as a well Kansas City Ballet dancer, Stacey Camparo.

Motion Dance Theatre will be perform in Tryon, NC at 7pm at the Tryon Arts Center July 14th and at the Flat Rock Playhouse in Flat Rock, NC on July 17th at 3pm and July 18th at 7pm. Visit www.MotionDT.com for more info.

Photo by Sam Strasfeld

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