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California Here I Come!!!

After months of thoughtful contemplation, I have made the decision, to  accept a contract with the Los Angeles Ballet, and will relocate and start  in January of 2011. What a way to start the New year?!!!

I am thrilled about this move, as it is the biggest move of my life (thus far). Of course there is a bit of nervousness about being so far away from home, But at this point in my career this is a move that I must make. The Los Angeles ballet has a lot to offer this year. The Repertoire there is one of the most attractive things about the company,  and I am extremely glad that I will be apart of it. I will also get to share the stage with one of my very close friends again!

It was incredibly difficult to make the decision to leave DTH. DTH has always been [and will always be] a home for me. I started my ballet training there, and I also started my career as a professional dancer there. With a connection that dates back almost ten years, I feel like it is time to leave my comfort zone and explore more of the dance world. Having grown accustom to the “DTH Way” I became comfortable and stopped striving for other things.  At 19 years old I don’t think it is smart to get “stuck” in one place. This has nothing to do with the institution (DTH); I just let myself get to a place where I said “This is where I’m staying and this is where I’ll have my career” However the dance world is too big (while really small) to NOT explore it.

I am not saying that young dancers should “bounce around” from company to company, but I AM saying that a young dancer must, be able to see where they’re gonna grow most. I think it is VERY un-attractive to see a dancer who is  super young but has been in 5 companies. YIKES! But I also think it’s absurd and silly for a young dancer to stay somewhere because it’s convenient and comfortable.

I had two amazing years in the Ensemble, There is no animosity in my leaving. I’ve learned a ton of things from the faculty, the directors and the dancers. I’ve performed some beautiful ballets, toured some great cities and had a beautiful Pas de Deux choreographed on me. I can never forget the huge leaps forward I’ve made at DTH, But its time to move forward.

I will continue to perform with DTH here in New York, and where ever else touring takes us this Fall, and will move to Los Angeles, California in January 2011!!

Here is Dance Magazine’s Article about LAB! http://dancemagazine.com/issues/August-2010/California-Dreamin


Photo by: Sam Strasfeld

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